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Skilled Nursing

Los Angeles Jewish Health skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) provide 24-hour nursing supervision and comprehensive medical care. Patients' services at our skilled nursing facilities are crucial to recovery following hospitalization. This is also referred to as transitional care as it continues the recovery that began in the hospital and prepares patients to be stronger and safer when they return home. It is a benefit for Medicare members, and most managed care health plans cover it.

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Individuals go home when they have met their goals or are no longer in need of the services that cannot be provided at home. Most commonly, people stay 2-4 weeks. In the program outlined below, medical services are typically covered by Medicare and other health plans if a person has been in the hospital for three nights.

Physical therapy (PT), speech therapy (ST), and occupational therapy (OT). These therapies are typically used after a stroke, limb injury, or surgery
Close monitoring of vital signs and major organ function. For example, after a heart attack or exacerbation of heart failure
Intravenous therapy including antibiotics or continuous intravenous fluids
Complex medication management
Respiratory treatments that need to be done frequently
Certain injections
A new feeding tube that has been placed in the stomach or intestine
Caring for skin wounds

In some cases, individuals, their families, and the facility determine that it is not safe for the patient to return home due to their chronic health conditions. These individuals have the option to be considered for long-term admission to one of Los Angeles Jewish Health’s facilities.

Some of the major benefits of Los Angeles Jewish Health’s Skilled Nursing Facility:

  • 24/7 healthcare services: Nurses and medical staff on hand around the clock to monitor a patient’s health. If requested, a telemedicine visit can be arranged with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Therapists (PT, OT, ST): Our therapists are employees of Los Angeles Jewish Health rather than contracted vendors. This creates a more personalized approach that is aligned with our mission.
  • Guidance with diet and nutrition: Depending on a resident’s age or ailment, dietary and nutritional needs vary and evolve. Skilled nurses help navigate these changes for you or your loved one in a clear and comforting way.
  • Social interactions. Our social workers, clergy, and activity staff provide a variety of social and learning activities as part of the daily schedule.

Skilled nursing care provides a higher degree of assistance than assisted living communities. In addition to nursing care, SNF staff actively focus on improving their patients’ abilities to perform their daily tasks – fostering mobility and encouraging some level of independence vis-à-vis bathing, grooming, getting dressed, and managing medications – while keeping them safe and secure in a healing and compassionate environment.

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Skilled nursing at Los Angeles Jewish Health offers your loved one the most complete care you can find outside of a hospital.

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