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Geriatric Care

Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic

A multi-specialty provider committed to providing patients easy access to high-quality, personalized healthcare in a caring and compassionate environment close to home.

Levy-Kime Geriatric Clinic

The Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic is located on Los Angeles Jewish Health’s Eisenberg Village campus in Reseda. It serves the residents with easily accessible and professional medical services. Its convenient location makes it ideal when you or a loved one needs primary and specialty medical care.

The medical staff at the Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic has always been guided by our mission: To treat, heal, and provide excellent care to the patients we serve. So you can expect the highest quality of healthcare - delivered by professionals who truly understand the unique needs of seniors at every stage.

What is Multi-Specialty Care?

Medical practices that offer multi-specialty teams of professionals who work together to efficiently and effectively identify medical issues, solve problems, and create health plans tailored to their patients. The main goal of a multi-care practice is to meet all of a patient’s needs within a single practice. The main benefits of a multi-specialty care practice:

  • Convenience: Because our multi-specialty clinic offers many specialists and ancillary care services within a single location, patients don’t have to waste time traveling to and from multiple locations. Patients have all their specific needs met in one place, from seeing their specialist, to receiving care, or collecting labs.
  • Better communication: All of our patient’s medical records are in one spot, so physicians can access them quickly and discuss pertinent points with their colleagues. Patients also have more opportunities to communicate their needs and concerns to a broader pool of physicians than they would at a single-specialty practice.
  • Personalized care: We offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare that focuses on what is best for the individual patient. Patients can form long-term relationships with multiple physicians who can work together to create plans that realistically work for that specific patient.
Levy Kime Map
  • Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic
  • 18855 Victory Blvd, Reseda, CA 91335
  • Phone: 855.227.3745
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One Convenient Location to Serve Your Needs With Our Multi-Specialty Providers:

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The Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic includes doctors, nurses, and surgeons who are experts in their fields. Our team will look at your symptoms to provide an accurate diagnosis and consider your needs. We will deliver treatments and care that work specifically for you and fit with your individual lifestyle. Our patients benefit from the personal attention they receive at our close-knit clinic.

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