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Volunteering at Skirball hospice

A Program of LAJHealth

If you are interested in helping to provide a higher quality of life for Skirball Hospice patients and their families, we welcome your application and thank you for sharing your time and talents. Skirball Hospice relies on the warmth, compassion, and dedication of its volunteers, who come from all backgrounds and specialties.

With just an hour a week, you can enrich your life and make a difference for patients and their families in numerous ways!

Application Form

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Patient and Family Services

Be an integral part of the care team through regular patient visits. Activities may include sharing music, conversation, reading, letter writing, helping patients engage in their hobbies, assisting with life review, and facilitating pet therapy visits.

Administrative and Office Services

Assist the office staff with clerical work, mailings, and data entry related to our patients’ care. Experienced volunteers assist the volunteer coordinator with training and recruitment activities.

Vigil Program

Provide a respectful, quiet presence for the patient and loved ones during the patient’s last day and hours of life. This program helps ensure that no patients are alone during their final moments if they don’t wish to be and represents the unique care and attention Skirball Hospice provides.

Specialty Categories

Skirball Hospice is always looking for unique and specialized volunteers. Such areas of interest include massage therapists, pet therapy volunteers, musicians, stylists, artists, healing arts practitioners, and bilingual volunteers. All are welcome.

Our hospice volunteers are an equal and valued part of our interdisciplinary team, and as such must be vetted and prepared to participate in the delicate work we do. Our onboarding process is more extensive than most, but the reward and fulfillment our volunteers receive is also greater!

We encourage all prospective volunteers to complete an application. After your application is submitted, the volunteer coordinator will review your application and contact you to set up an interview.


Skirball Hospice volunteers complete a comprehensive training program covering the history, philosophy, and scope of hospice work. Members of our interdisciplinary team and experienced volunteers participate in the training to give applicants a comprehensive overview and what to expect. Ongoing support and training continue to be available to all volunteers throughout their service.