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Jan 3

Level of Care, RN - BCSC

Nursing $44 - $48
Full Time
Monday - Friday
Reseda, CA

The Brandman Centers for Senior Care (BCSC), a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), provides high-quality, comprehensive healthcare services. We are a program of the Los Angeles Jewish Health, renowned for providing quality care to vulnerable seniors.
We put the well-being of seniors first, promoting independence in the comfort of their own homes, even when their health challenges makes them eligible for nursing home care. Services for each individual are based on recommendations and coordination of the Interdisciplinary Team. BCSC offers primary medical care on-site, preventive health services, rehabilitation, and transportation to and from the Center.

Following a thorough assessment, each participant in PACE receives customized care, as recommended by an Interdisciplinary Team very familiar with the individual. When a higher level of care is required, such as home healthcare or nursing home care, the Interdisciplinary Team will approve and arrange for this.

The Level of Care R.N.’s responsibilities are but not limited to:


• Conducts initial home visits to carry out nursing evaluation for Level of Care assessment.

• Completes initial and annual Level of Care assessments and sends to the State for approval; handles corrections and updates, as needed.

• Coordinates with the Home Care Coordinator to support participant care at home.

• Remains attentive to participants’ health status and social functioning; assists with identification of overt problems/needs and sets priorities; treats problems requiring immediate referral and/or follow-up; and interprets and records latest diagnostic results, as indicated.

• Attends Interdisciplinary Team meetings and other meetings as assigned by the RN Clinic Supervisor.

• In coordination with the Interdisciplinary Team and as assigned by the Clinic Supervisor RN, helps develop a Plan of Care based on nursing process that incorporates immediate and continuing care needs and includes the participant and family perspective.

• Provides care that conforms to accepted practice standards and age-related characteristics and needs of participants, as assigned by the Clinic Supervisor RN.

• Provides direct care as assigned by the Clinic Supervisor RN, including, but not limited to: wound care, IV therapy, blood sugar checks, IM injections, vital sign checks and/or follow-up on an episodic problem previously identified by the Primary Care Physician, such as Congestive Heart Failure, chest pain, dehydration, edema, urinary tract infection or other health problems.

• Records participant assessments, reassessments and care delivered in the medical record.

• Consults with and educates the participant, family members and/or caregiver regarding the disease process, self-care techniques, prevention strategies and medical interventions, as indicated.

• Provides the Primary Care Physician with a summary of health findings and any changes in a participant’s health condition.

• Ensures that all tests, lab work and diagnostic studies ordered by the Primary Care Physician have been carried out, as assigned by the RN Clinic Supervisor.

• Coordinates all medication for BCSC, including the stocking of non-prescription medications, the ordering of prescription medications, the administering of medication in the PACE Center, and the monitoring of participant compliance. Arranges for delivery of needed medications and supplies to the participant’s home.

• Other duties as required.

Experience and Skills

• Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing, BS in Nursing preferred.

• Currently licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing.TB Screening and successful completion of a health examination by a health care provider is required for employment. Must have a valid California' driver's license.

• At least two (2) years as an RN, preferably in home or community health care; at least one (1) year experience with the frail and elderly.

• Three (3) years nursing experience with at least one (1) year experience working with frail or elderly population.

• One (1) supervising in an outpatient clinic setting.

• Nursing knowledge and skills necessary to treat participants and manage complex clinical situations.

• Ability to work independently and within an Interdisciplinary Team.

• Good organizational and supervisory skills. Ability to handle complex interpersonal and clinical situations.


Level of Care, RN - BCSC

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